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Post  kostas on Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:55 pm

Under the authority of Secretary of Provisional Managing Committee of PATFAP, I announce to you that yesterday evening, the deadline for submissions of candidatures for the upcoming election of the 10th of April 2011 has expired. The only candidateship was of the combination “Next Day”, with the following composition:

Candidate Chairman:
Mavraganis Konstantinos

Candidate Members of the Council (in alphabetical order):
Apergis Gerasimos
Kechris Konstantinos
Lavrakis Panagiotis
Patrinos Dimitrios
Patrinos Spiridon
Stamokostas Konstantinos

The submission of candidature was legitimate, according to the proclamation that had been published, as well as according to the Law and the Statute of Association. Consequently, the participation of the Combination in the elections of the 10th of April 2011 is valid.

Also, the following submitted their candidature to be elected as members of the Audit Committee (in alphabetical order):

Kastelanos Antonis
Kourtis Dimitrios
Papamichail Leonidas

It is clarified that fundamental aim of the above mentioned combination is, as it is reported in the submitted written statement of candidature, the immediate registration of all the Greek players who wish to be part of PATFAP, so in the shortest time allowed by Law and Statute, a new election for Administrative Council will take place, in which all the players who will have been registered will participate.

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