A proposal for the immediate future

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A proposal for the immediate future

Post  von K. on Thu Feb 24, 2011 4:02 am

Dear all,

I will make here a proposal for the benefit of the FISTF. It is unorthodox and against the statutes. But it will give time and make it possible to find a calm way out of this. I have not asked any of the people mentioned if they agree to help, but there is no time. They will accept this challenge afterwards if they want to and if nation's accept this.

You all know that Finland and Austria are not involved in either block. You have also seen the posts and comments of late and can see that Markus Jurik, Heinz Eder and Vesa Kouvonkorpi (me) have genuine interest in finding solutions and getting rid of blocks.

I suggest that these three among with a few selected persons form a Board which has 2 reasons for existing and no power to make changes to any rules.

The reasons are:
1) intermediating with whole of TF community to find a solution for the future Board, that will be accepted by everyone and which will be able to work together
2) to choose persons to do the daily work of FISTF and to control and accept this work (to avoid problems)

The persons apart from Markus, Heinz and Vesa should include neutral persons from both blocks and 1-2 neutral persons from other countries. I would suggest persons like Lorenzo Papini from Italy, Laurent Coucke from Belgium and John Lauder from Wales. These are just examples of persons with characteristics that support the solution.

The work of this interim Board which has not the normal power of the Board:

1) Choose persons to do the daily work, to keep FISTF running for the players and clubs and nations. This could, and should, include people like Vincent, Stefano and others who can at the same time help FISTF without any reason to fight (no power on decisions) and show people that they care for the FISTF also without power.
2) Create a statutes-commission to write new and better statutes.
3) Communicate with the whole community, to find out the wishes and needs of different countries and people
4) Intermediate between the blocks, nations and persons to ease the tension
5) To find a way to the future for the FISTF, and find a Board that can be accepted without having to deal with politics (without the problematic persons as directors, only as parts of a team).
6) To prepare proper Congress to vote for the statutes and to "vote" for the new Board.

The benefits of the solution:

1) More time for finding a good solution.
2) The restart of daily work.
3) The pressure of the blocks will become less, when we have genuine information by neutrals.
4) Personal spites of the big persons become irrelevant.
5) No big decisions means more calm atmosphere.
6) No power to have, means a power struggle is irrelevant.

This is a raw version, but it gives the idea of the proposal.

Please think about it, for the good of our Federation and the hobby of many people.

For the benefit of the table football community,
Vesa Kouvonkorpi

von K.
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Re: A proposal for the immediate future

Post  panagios on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:14 am

I say, let democracy take care of itself.

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Re: A proposal for the immediate future

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:57 am

I'm sorry but I'm missing some points.

I don't understand the idea of "2 blocks" and neutral people (!!!)
I believe one of the main reasons to have this EGM is that most people are fed up of Catania (and Koutromanos) and that's it's more than eeded to get rid of them. Now, that there are different bocks, I don't know.

There are also some very strange things:
- I heard from italians that in Italy, people say they don't understand what's wrong with Catania and Koutromanos. I think all what they have done over one year has been a disaster (and I don't even speak about the way they became president and communication director) and they didn't take any single positive decision.
- Italians don't admit there was a problem with De Francesco. De Francesco is a person who has a problem witht he words "dialogue" and "compromise". As long as you share his ideas, he supports you. if you think something different,y ou are his enemy. And he will never admit the idea he might have done something wrong.

About the statutes, I think Giufaz (who is a lawyer???) is totally forgetting an important issue. When you read statutes, you have to think about the time the statutes were written. In 1993 or 1994, it was not possible to vote by e-mail. the word "mail" should be extended in "e-mail" because technology now makes things easier. So the vote by e-mail (or any electronis way) should be possible).

About the vote being secret, as long as nations send their votes tot he secretary and there is enough confidence between the associations and the secretary, the electronic vote should be possible because the secretary should not reveal who voted for which candidates.

About the membes allowed to vote, the partner nations could also easily find a lawyer who would say the principle of vote only by the member nations is bullshit. If we stick to the statutes, all members have the right to vote (!!!). The difference between member nations and partner nations is not in the statutes, it's in the handbook.

To give people like me the daily work but no power of decision is a total joke. I think after all I have done for FISTF and this game in general, I deserve a bit more respect than that. It was exactly the reason why I refused to be involved in a Board of dictators last year (Catania asked me to continue all I was doing befoire but I could no have my say in any decision) so why should I accept now?

On the counterpart, I agree on some points:
- statutes need to be re-written (and I already sent many ideas).
- having a new Congress soon

Well, the meeting was made to have a new Board and in particular to get rid of Catania and Koutromanos and we should not forget that these are priorities!

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Re: A proposal for the immediate future

Post  Heinz Eder on Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:56 am

Looking on the list of candidates, it is a full success Laughing

Admin wrote:
Well, the meeting was made to have a new Board and in particular to get rid of Catania and Koutromanos and we should not forget that these are priorities!

Heinz Eder
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Re: A proposal for the immediate future

Post  Guest on Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:12 am

One thing Vincent

Giulio Fazio is a world-renowned lawyer, works for Endesa, Eni (ENI is the largest energy companies in Europe ..) and is an expert in partnership law (works even the Italian IOC for a couple of professional sports federations).

The vote by email (when provided a secret ballot) is not permitted in any association of any kind in the world.

Other thing is that FISTF do as he pleases.

for me it puedeve incluydo vote by phone.

This is not the problem.


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Re: A proposal for the immediate future

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