Questionnaire:Lets make 2011 a great year for F.I.S.T.F and table football

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Questionnaire:Lets make 2011 a great year for F.I.S.T.F and table football

Post  NZSTFA on Sat Dec 25, 2010 8:50 am

Hi my name is Grahame Barbalet president of N.Z.S.T.F.A ( New Zealand Sports Table Football Association )
To start I would like to thank Vincent Coppenolle and all the associations who have given there Sapporo and good wishes to me with the formation of the N.Z.S.T.F.A unfortunate I have not progressed to far over the past year through bad health but fortunately I am much improved and will get things going over the next year. The main resin for this communication is I am upset to see the way things are going at the moment with F.I.S.T.A and the related associations, even to read that sum members are so fed-up with the situation that they are suggesting leaving the organization and setting up a new world bode, I feel this would be counter productive and simple weaken a small organization further I think we would be beater of if we all bandied together and corrected the problems and move on and start to strengthen are numbers and promote the beautiful game. I have set up a Questionnaire to help consolidate the feelings of the community and start things rolling to improve the situation.
All the info gathered on the Questionnaire will be strictly confidential and I will only publish the results, I will send them to all who tack part and thy will be shown on the web sight that Cari's the Questionnaire I will leave two weeks to give all time to tack it. As I only have e-mail address for a few associations pleas forward the link at the bottom of the page to all the clubs, players and all associations. The results will reflect the views of member nations, Partner nation, and players. Once we have the results in we will be able to use them to start to make changes if necessary. The Questionnaire will close on the 8th of January 2011. and I will publish the results as soon as possible after that .

All the best to everyone. Lets make 2011 a great year for F.I.S.T.F and table football
Grahame Barbalet N.Z.S.T.F.A


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