Circular 55

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Circular 55

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:28 pm

It seems clear Silvio Catania has killed FISTF when sending this letter (which proves he won't organize the EGM)... RIP FISTF (1993-2010).

CIRCULAR0055 21st December 2010

To: All Presidents
All Nations

Dear All,

The way forward

After having stayed for a long period of time trying to re-conciliate a number of nations to make a better future for our sports; and after we have experienced a number of abuses, attacks, personal agendas during the last months we must announce that while a new year is to kick off in a couple of days and after we have experienced that our dreams can be made real we would like to inform all the countries about the following:

1. A meeting for the way forward will be held in Greece on June 9th & 10th, 2011 for all the countries interested to take up a new era for table football.
2. This new era, witnessed by some persons in the last days is now a reality and is the fruit of the hard work for a number of months, where the same people opted to stay in the shadow to work, rather than sitting pretty in the limelight to point fingers towards everyone and blaming anyone for any initiative.
3. The intention of the meeting is going to be the last resort for those countries who seriously want to join a project which is the only future for our sports. All this will be drafted in the coming days and weeks for a complete take off on the occasion of the first major in Greece, the only nation today to have complete premises for table football.
4. The countries who will have the access to embark on this project, apart from the rights they will have also responsibilities. Something which till today we closed an eye, but this will change effectively from the first day of 2011. FISTF can no longer accept people, who pretend to be federations or association when there is no actual activity in their country. The criteria for any member nation shall not be based only on the fact of a payment. Money can be very important, but it’s not the utmost. We need real countries who work to develop the table football community in numbers. Any country interested to be part of this future shall take the responsibilities and therefore if the following are not produced, the country will be considered no more a member nation:
a. Statutes both in English and French, rubber stamped by the official authorities recognising the same federation/association in the country.
b. A true list and yearly history of national activities.
c. An insurance policy that covers all national and international activities in the country.
5. Voting powers shall reflect the amount of active players on the current database. Shall also promote those countries who are committed to work for the future of our sports and will also give more credit to those who in the recent past did the utmost to give back to table football a mixture of old players and an investment of new kids, which finally are our sole future.

In the coming days, we will be issuing circulars about the following subjects:
a. Voting powers
b. Database statistics
c. Way of work to reach the new Web Era for our sports.

While we strongly believe that this is the only solution to our future, we are ready to listen to genuine suggestions to strengthen more our future and guarantee that table football will be on solid grounds for the coming years.

Truly in Sports

Silvio Catania
FISTF President obo of Board of Directors
From Athens

All communications should be addressed to the Secretary to the Board
Please always quote the reference up here when replying to this communication.

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Re: Circular 55

Post  von K. on Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:06 am

A sad letter from a dishonest man without honour and rspect for his own words. Truly a sad soul.

It seems to breach the french law. So I would send this along with the request for the EGM and the statutes to french authorities to check. A lawyer maybe is not even needed much.

Talking about the Greece "major" and the premises of the greek federation, is something ridiculous. The premises are not open to all equally, and are rented by Koutroumanos and Papakonstantinou. I have been told this by more than 1 people.

Catania's letters have always been full of rubbish, incorrect, badly written and undemocratic. This is not an exception.

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von K.
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Re: Circular 55

Post  Luis Filipe Horta on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:10 am

This is going too far and must be stopped asap.
Let's unit all and fight back.

Don't forget there are a lot of people in Greece and Malta who does not agree with this situation too.

Luis Filipe Horta
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Re: Circular 55

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